LEAH NICHOLS is an award-winning filmmaker and designer based in San Francisco. She works to celebrate connections across differences and expand media representations of underrepresented communities. She is best known for her short film 73 QUESTIONS (2017) which won the 2018 Social Impact Media Awards (SIMA) Creative Activism Award. 

Leah specializes in creative direction and storytelling, utilizing a variety of tools including graphic design, illustration, motion graphics, animation, and documentary film. Through her multidisciplinary approach, she has reframed conversations around homelessness, documented what it means for city streets to be a public good, revealed the need for more historic women statues, raised awareness about the importance of Asians for Black Lives Matter, and connected strangers to talk about urban identity in blue party hats.

Leah is a proud Korean American adoptee who was born in Korea and raised in Minnesota. Her current project is about traditional and modern concepts of womanhood, fertility and international adoption.

contact: mrawmrawSF@gmail.com